Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Expressive Arts Therapy is a multimodal approach to therapy that encourages self-exploration and expression using various artistic forms such as visual arts, dance, writing, and music. It’s not about artistic skill but about finding new ways to understand and express your emotions and thoughts.

Anyone looking to explore their inner world, manage life’s stressors, and enhance personal growth can benefit. Whether you’re dealing with life transitions, seeking personal development, or simply wish to explore your creative side, these sessions are adaptable to meet a wide range of needs.

If you’re curious about how creative processes can enhance your self-awareness and offer different perspectives on your life experiences, Expressive Arts Therapy might be a good fit. The best way to know is to try a session. Our complimentary discovery call can also help determine if this approach aligns with your needs.

Not at all. Expressive Arts Therapy is about the process, not the product. It’s a means of exploring your feelings and thoughts through creation, without judgment or expectation of skill.

Our complimentary discovery call is a concise 15-minute conversation designed to understand your needs and how we can assist you. For the call, we will reach out to you on your provided phone number. For international clients, we’ll arrange the session through an online audio call and send you a convenient link in advance. This brief interaction is a great starting point for us to connect and assess how our sessions can be most beneficial for you.

Sessions typically begin with a check-in and discussion of your current experiences and goals. Then, we’ll engage in a creative activity or exercise. Finally, we’ll reflect on the process and any insights gained. The structure can vary depending on individual needs and preferences.

While even a single session can provide insight and value, I recommend committing to at least eight sessions to truly immerse in the process and observe impactful changes. Therapy is a progressive and unfolding journey that benefits from time and engagement.

Each session is typically 60 minutes long. However, this can be adjusted to fit your schedule and the nature of our work together.

Consistency is key in therapy for sustained growth and development. While there is flexibility in scheduling, regular sessions are encouraged. We can discuss and agree upon a schedule that best supports your therapeutic journey.

Your privacy and the confidentiality of our sessions are of the utmost importance. All sessions are conducted in a secure and private manner, following professional ethical standards to ensure your personal information and discussions are kept confidential.