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Welcome to The Movement Spectrum, where we craft expressive arts therapy experiences to embrace and nurture your individual and collective journeys. Our services are thoughtfully designed to align with your personal aspirations and your team’s collaborative spirit, fostering a space where creativity meets growth and well-being.

Overview of Services


Individual Expressive Arts Therapy Sessions

Explore personal exploration with our 1-on-1 sessions, available both online and offline. These sessions are crafted to meet you where you are, providing a nurturing space for growth and self-awareness.

We address a range of challenges, including eating disorders, stress management, self-integration, confidence building, awareness and boundary setting, feelings of being lost or anxious, postpartum challenges, and feeling stuck, to name a few. Our inclusive approach celebrates diversity, welcoming individuals across all gender identities and walks of life.


Corporate Programs

Elevate your team’s dynamics with our specialized corporate programs. Designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and well-being, along with empathetic leadership; each program is a step towards a more engaged and resilient workforce.


NGOs/Education Institutions

Partner with us to bring the healing of expressive arts to your organization or NGO. Our sessions are designed to strengthen community resilience, enhance emotional well-being, and promote collective growth and development.

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