At The Movement Spectrum, we are dedicated to offering both high-quality digital and in-person services designed to support your journey through expressive arts therapy.

Our Services

Our offerings include a range of digital services and in-person sessions, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. While we emphasize the convenience and accessibility of our digital services, we equally value the depth and connection offered through our in-person sessions.

Digital Services

  • Access: Upon booking a digital service, such as online therapy sessions, you will receive detailed information via email on how to access these services.
  • Scheduling: For services requiring scheduling, a link will be provided to select a convenient date and time.
  • Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email with all necessary details to participate in or access the digital service.

In-Person Sessions

  • Location: Our offline sessions are conducted at designated locations, which will be communicated to you upon booking.
  • Safety Protocols: We adhere to all recommended health and safety guidelines to ensure a secure environment for our in-person sessions.
  • Booking and Confirmation: Just like our digital services, you’ll receive all the details about your in-person session, including location and safety protocols, in your confirmation email.

No Physical Goods

Please note, we do not sell or ship any physical goods. All our offerings, whether digital or in-person, focus on enriching your well-being and personal growth through expressive arts therapy.

Contact Us

For more information about our digital or in-person services, or if you have any questions regarding booking and session access, please contact us at or via whatsapp on +91 81426 75093. We’re here to assist you in finding the most suitable option for your therapeutic journey.